Celebrating the New Year at your School

Celebrating the New Year at your School

The New Year is often a time that is not celebrated in school. Yet it is a popular celebration across the world and one that could be celebrated as a good way for you to raise funds for a school canopy, computer room, sports equipment, or something else. Here are some of the ways that you could celebrate the New Year with your students.

  1. Film Night

A good film night is a great way for students to hang out and have fun. There are plenty of good films that you could showcase on New Year’s Eve that children will love. You can charge admission costs to get the children to enter and then also additional items like food and drink.

A film night is also a good way for you to have a moment or two to speak to assembled students to talk about the year ahead and the good/bad points of the past year. You might want to use this time to explain how you want to invest funds in the school and what improvements you want to see.

  1. Quiz Time

A quiz night or session during the day is a great way for children to have fun and test their knowledge about what happened in the past year. Quizzes can be held early on New Year’s day, early evening, or New Year’s Day. Entry fees, food, and drink can be good ways to earn money from the event.

There can also be prizes and sponsors. Sponsors can help raise more funds for the event or to use it as a way to get prizes for the quiz.

  1. Sports Day

A sports event can be a good way to celebrate. Whether this is something like an orienteering day or hockey matches, you can get a lot of interest in a sports event held around New Year. Be sure to find ways to get some fundraising going on the day and also video the events for others to see on your School’s YouTube channel.

  1. Exhibition

Another option is to hold an exhibition at your school. This could be something as simple as what has happened at the school during the year, highlighting great work, the leaving of old students, and the coming of new students.

Local businesses can contribute by sponsoring the event and having a stall there as well when they’re an integral part of the local community, or have helped to sponsor past fundraisers at your school.


Another are four options to help you celebrate the new year with your students. How will you turn this event into a good way to raise more funds and celebrate? Let us know in the comments below.

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