Don’t Let the Rain Damage Your Summer Profits

Don’t Let the Rain Damage Your Summer Profits

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this summer has been a bit of a washout with official statistics showing that we (the UK) had our sixth wettest July since records began and Northern Ireland had their wettest ever July since records began. The UK had an average rainfall of 140.1mm last month, which is a lot of rain and a lot of days spent cooped up indoors.

However, because the temperature is quite pleasant, your visitors may still be wanting to spend time outside such as if you have dining facilities, they may still want to dine outside in the fresh air. But no one likes a rain logged, soggy sandwich.

So, what can you do to avoid those soggy sandwiches or cramped buildings due to visitors bundling indoors to avoid the rainfall? Provide shelter – investing in a commercial canopy will increase your selling space, free up your indoor space and provide your visitors with somewhere sheltered, dry and shaded to gain shelter from both the sun (when it makes an appearance), and the rain (which is very generously appearing the moment).

It’s a win-win situation, your visitors are still able to enjoy the fresh air whilst keeping dry, and rainy days will no longer affect your profits as much. Many businesses, particularly those that are predominantly outdoor based, will see dramatic declines in their visitors when the weather has forecast rain. However, with the addition of a canopy, this can no longer be the case in fact, once word gets around that you have plenty of shelter on your site, you will attract customers on rainy days as your business will be one of the few businesses that can still be enjoyed in the rain, whilst keeping dry.

If you think opting for a couple of picnic table umbrellas will do the trick, they won’t. Unfortunately, they are only ideal for temporary cover from the sun and do not even provide UV protection at that. Also, they cannot be kept open in moderate winds which we have been seeing a lot of this summer, and most umbrellas do not provide protect from the rain.

Our structures are commercial grade canopies that are designed to be left outside in the UK climate all year round. They do not need to be brought in of an evening as they are installed into the ground as permanent fixtures. The majority of our structures are supplied with a 25 life expectancy and the Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy which is our most popular canopy, is suppled with a full 10 year guarantee, leaving you with many years of additional income, so you know our structures are well worth the investment.

So, are you ready to make sure your business thrives no matter the weather or time of year? Do you want to ensure your business is still busy, even on those damp, drizzly days? Then contact us to request a free site survey or download our brochure to view our full range of canopies and shelters (see below). You can also give us a call for some advice and to find the perfect canopy for your requirements.

Download our brochure below to view our full range of canopies.

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