Earn Funds For Your School Through Recycling With TerraCycle

Earn Funds For Your School Through Recycling With TerraCycle

Recycling is a major focus for many communities up and down the country. Despite our best efforts however, there is 300,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste produced in the UK every year. Much of this waste is taken to countries afar a field as Singapore, where it is burned or just dumped, causing more damage to the environment.

That is where companies like TerraCycle come in. They’re offering businesses, schools and individuals the chance to recycle items that councils and authorities don’t often take. For instance, stationary items, crisp packets and arts/craft items can be recycled through many of their schemes.

The items are then collected and recycled in many different ways. For instance, at the time of writing, the company was offering one school the chance to win a playground that was made entirely from oral care products.

Schools Win With Recycling

There are many ways that schools can win with TerraCycle. Firstly, it can help educate your children about taking care of the environment and the importance of recycling. Secondly, schools participating in one of their schemes also receive rewards that can be funds for the school.

This is one way that you can invest in your school infrastructure like computing, school canopies or sports equipment. In addition, you can use TerraCycle to increase social responsibility, something that is really important in today’s society.

Tips For Using TerraCycle

There are several tips for using TerraCycle. Firstly, choose schemes that are suitable for your school. If you do lots of arts and craft, this is an obvious scheme. So is the scheme for writing equipment. You should also look at whether there are enough crisps used within your school to participate in one of those schemes.

Next, promote the schemes to families and the local community. It’s not just your school that can contribute to the schemes. Families can also drop off rubbish to your schemes and so can members of the local community. For this, you can have your collection bins located under a canopy that is accessible to the public. The more you collect, the more funding you can claim back from TerraCycle.

Finally, try to gamify the process by having targets for classes and the school. Promote these games and targets and see how children actively participate in order to win.

Do you use TerraCycle? Could you make use of the scheme for your school?

Let us know in the comments below.

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