Five Events you can Fundraise at this Term

Five Events you can Fundraise at this Term

Fundraising is an important part of any school calendar. Whether you’re looking to raise new funds for your school’s computer room or a new school canopy, there are lots of opportunities throughout the Autumn term. Here are some of the best times and some ideas for your school.

  1. Halloween

Halloween is a great time for fundraising. There are numerous opportunities from cinema evenings to haunted school events, there are lots of ways that you can create fundraising events. The challenge for this event is knowing that in October, the evenings are dark so most events have to be indoors, which can limit attendance.

  1. Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is a tradition that can’t be found anywhere else in the night as the UK celebrates the failed plot to blow up the houses of parliament. Traditionally, this night is celebrated with a school fireworks display and this can be enhanced with stalls, rides, and even food/drink.

The great thing about bonfire night is that you can also add a little learning to the event.

  1. Football World Cup

This is an unusual one for this time of year, but the 2022 World Cup is being held at the perfect time for schools to take advantage and fundraise. You can host events to let students and parents watch the match in the school with food and drink. Or you can host a football-themed afternoon.

This can be a great way to get students to embrace the excellent football fever that often accompanies the tournament.

  1. Harvest

Harvest periods are an excellent time for charity. Students can contribute to the local area by collecting spare food to give to a local food bank or directly to local residents who might be in need. Harvest festivals with rides, food, and shows can also be a great way for you to raise funds for your school.

  1. Christmas

The end of the term is marked by the countdown to Christmas. This is one of the best periods for you to raise funds with lots of events that can range from a Christmas show to a fair. Or you can host cinema evenings of Christmas movies, a disco or perhaps another event.

There are so many options for this special period that you could have two or three events to appeal to different groups in your school.


Fundraising during the Autumn term is an excellent idea because of the numerous events that happen during the four months until the new year starts. How will you fundraise? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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