Five Old-School Fundraising Ideas For This Unique Year

Five Old-School Fundraising Ideas For This Unique Year

Covid-19 has made it harder for traditional fundraising practices, like school fetes, challenging this year. This doesn’t mean that fundraising for the new school canopy or computer room has to stop however. There are still some old-school fundraising ideas that can be useful for your setting. Here are five old-school fundraising ideas for you this year.

1. Sponsored Reading

A classic for most children is offering them a sponsored reading event. Children can be paid per book they read during a month or during a week. Or you could spend an hour on one day on a sponsored read-a-thon. Children with the most read books could also be rewarded for their efforts.

2. Sponsored Silence

Another classic is to have the children do a sponsored silence session. Children can be sponsored to be quiet for an hour in their classroom. During this time, children could be colouring, reading or writing. Sponsored silences can be hard for the children to complete.

3. Sponsored Walk

Walking around the playground can still be a sponsored event. Children can be paid for the time that they’re walking or the number of laps that they’re walking. Sponsored walks are a really good way to raise money and at the same time keep children healthy.

4. Treasure Hunt

Children could participate in a day of treasure hunting around the school. Clues could be hidden in different areas of the school with teams competing to find the final prize. This is another active and exciting event for children. However, you might need to limit the number of clues or the size of the area. Treasure hunts would need to be limited to class/year bubbles in the current position.

5. Charity Meals

Sponsoring children to have a simple meal one day can be an interesting event. Children pay a set amount for a day, like a pound, and they’re served some bread and cheese. This used to be an event to highlight famine and poverty in third-world countries.


The five ideas above are good for those schools who want to continue fundraising in today’s unique environment. The great thing about these sponsorship events is that they’re low cost to donors. At this current time, when budgets might be stretched, parents and grandparents might appreciate smaller events this year.

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