Five Top Simple Outdoor Activities

Five Top Simple Outdoor Activities

Playing outside has many benefits; it encourages activities that help physical development and hand-eye coordination, and when children play in groups, it helps improve social skills.

So, it’s helpful to have a few ideas for easy outdoor activities that are relatively quick to set up.

Here’s a selection of simple outdoor activities you can offer your children:

  • Balloons

Balloons are always attractive to children. Some will kick them around, while others will play catch with them or try to keep them up in the air. You can also let the balloons go to see what noise they make or release them on a windy day to watch their flight path.

Likewise, you could give the children a chance to express themselves by offering glue and leaves for decorating their balloons.

  • Bubbles

Another staple for outdoor play, bubble mixture is sometimes not given the attention it should. Research has shown that blowing bubbles can relieve stress and help with speech development. Asking children to notice how the bubbles float in the air can also be very relaxing.

If you want more activity, having the children pop the bubbles as fast as they can can be great entertainment.

  • Foam String Abacus

Thread foam or plastic counters on a piece of string and tie it between two posts outdoors, and you’ve got a simple activity that can entertain children for hours. They can either move the counters up and down the string or use the foam or plastic counters to practise their numbers.

This activity is easy to set up and tidy away, making it perfect for an occasional activity in your outdoor space.

  • Mud Pits

While these are messy, children love them. There are lots of different activities they can do with mud pits, including drawing in them, discovering different textures, or making classic mud pies.

Be sure that you have plenty of aprons or that children are wearing old clothes for this activity.

  • Paint Guns And Easel

Turn two classic play items into a new, fun activity. Fill water pistols with paint and hang paper from an easel, and watch their creative juices flow.

While it is recommended that you supervise this one closely and make sure you have plenty of coverings, the activity will certainly be a favourite.

The above activities would all be ideal under a school canopy to ensure they can go ahead, whatever the weather.

What activities do you recommend? Do you have any you could add to our list?

Let us know in the comments below.


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