Fundraising During a Lockdown

Fundraising During a Lockdown

Fundraising for your school, whether you’re looking to buy a new school canopy or requiring new equipment, is going to be harder this year. The second lockdown in England means that events are unlikely to go ahead and non-essential travel is banned.

So, what are the top options for fundraising during these tough times?

1. Raffles

Raffles can be run via emails and websites to help you generate more interest. Tickets can be bought online, through your school website and the winners can then be announced. Local businesses can donate prizes and gifts to your raffle.

This can be a great way for the businesses to market during these tough times. It is also a great way for you to get cheap prizes and save money.

2. Online Quizzes

Test families by offering online quizzes that families can partake in and enjoy at home. Quiz entries should cost a certain amount, which act as part of your new funds. Local brands can donate prizes or you can offer cash prizes for the winners.

Quizzes can be run on a weekly or monthly basis and can have the subjects themed. For instance, for December, you might want to have a Christmas quiz.

3. Sponsored Walks Around The Garden

If you’re looking to raise some funds while children are at home, you can offer a sponsored event where children are invited to walk around their garden a certain number of times. Sponsorship can be a set amount or for the number of circuits.


When it comes to the 2020/2021 school year, there’s going to be a lot of disruption. Students will be isolating at times, lockdowns will make it harder for social gatherings and events and this is without the typical British weather. Therefore, you’re going to have to be more creative with your fundraising. Use one of the three ideas above for online fundraising to help you this year.

If you are raising funds for a shade and shelter structure, our canopies for schools are the perfect solution.

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