Keep Parents Happy and Children Dry Whilst Dining Outside

Keep Parents Happy and Children Dry Whilst Dining Outside

You may have already read the article regarding a school in Manchester that received backlash as their pupils were eating lunch outside in the rain; Angry parents say children ‘treated like animals and made to eat in rain’ at school. I don’t know the full details so I cannot personally comment however, I am fully aware of the struggles teachers are experiencing whilst ensuring schools follow all social distancing guidelines, keeping all pupils confined to their own bubbles and teaching a school full of pupils all at the same time.

I feel we should therefore be supporting schools and providing them solutions instead of criticising them, that’s why I’m writing this article today. If you are in a similar situation and are struggling to keep pupils distanced during their lunch breaks, have you considered an outdoor dining canopy?

We understand that building an extension onto your existing dining hall is not ideal as the result would be costly and not to mention a lot of disruption. That’s why a canopy is the perfect option, while they can be a big investment, they are a fraction of the price of an extension and can still extend your dining room whilst providing the shade and shelter required, particularly when paired with canopy side panels and heaters, all of which we can supply and install.

So, what’s stopping you? If you need the extra space, an outdoor dining canopy really is the perfect solution. The only obstruction may be your budget however, do you have enough money left in your budget for a canopy? Can you move your budget around to include a canopy to ensure your pupils are kept dry throughout the winter? Have you contacted your local authority to find out if any extra funding is available to your school to cover COVID adjustments? And have you applied for funding for your school? Options are listed on the Gov website here: School Government Funding.

Our high quality, robust range of outside dining canopies include free standing canopies, wall mounted canopies and timber canopies and we are sure to have a solution that fits your requirements.

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