How a Canopy Can Benefit Your Academy

How a Canopy Can Benefit Your Academy

As with all school governors and head teachers, you will not only be required to ensure your school is the safest environment with as many facilities available as possible, you will also want to.

If you haven’t already had a canopy installed on your academy grounds, then it may well be worth considering it as a canopy can benefit your academy greatly making it a worthwhile investment, lasting for many years to come.

Outdoor Covered Dining Area for Academies

Outdoor Dining Areas
By creating an outdoor eating area at your academy, you will give your pupils the chance to enjoy their lunch outdoors rather than inside when the weather is pleasant.

If you add a canopy to your outdoor dining area, it can be used even when it is very hot outside as a canopy creates shade, avoiding the risk of sun stroke and blocking UV rays, avoiding sun burn. The dining canopy will also shelter your pupils from rain and wind enabling to enjoy their lunch even if it starts raining just as they start tucking in!

Outdoor Dining Areas for Academies

Sports Canopies
With the success of the 2012 Olympics and the health risk of obesity, sport is becoming a bigger part of the school schedule and as children are spending more time outdoors it is important to keep then protected from the sun and make their sporting experience a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Installing a canopy on your sports field will give the pupils a cool, shaded area where they can cool down, a place for them to sit if they feel worn out and somewhere for spectators to gain shade & shelter.

Sports Canopies for Academies

Outdoor Classrooms
A canopy can be used as an outdoor classroom allowing you to relocate your lessons outside. Bringing lessons outdoors can enable pupils to see the lesson as a reward and fun, therefore their mood will change enabling them to engage better and take part in class discussions.

An outdoor classroom canopy would be ideal for lessons such as science, drama, art, physical education and also lessons that include team building skills.

Outdoor Classroom Canopy for Academies

Above I have listed just three of the benefits that a canopy could bring to your academy. If you have a canopy at your academy, what do you use it for? Why not share your ideas in the comments box below for other academies to see.

Covered Outdoor Learning Areas for Academies

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