How a Canopy can Enhance your Hospital’s Exterior

How a Canopy can Enhance your Hospital’s Exterior

medicalImprove your patients’ experience by providing shelter into your A&E department.

Having an accident is an incredibly traumatic time for both patients and their families. Getting treatment for their emergency is no doubt the most important requirement of a patient, however ensuring that their time at the hospital is as comfortable as possible can help make the patient more relaxed during this distressing time.

A simple way to improve patients’ experience is to provide shelter for patients when they are transferred from an Ambulance to the Emergency ward, and also at the A&E walk in entrance for those dropped off by taxi or by family. Arriving at a hospital to be greeted by a heavy downpour, hail or snow may add to a patients distress, particularly if they are having trouble walking due to an injury, so a covered entrance area a simple and cost effective way to provide dry passage from a vehicle into the A&E department and help prevents any slips whilst entering the building.

Many hospitals find it useful to have a canopy installed to cover the area where emergency vehicles transfer patients into the hospital. The journey from the ambulance into the hospital can then be taken at a measured pace with no need to worry about a patient getting wet and ultimately cold from the rain or snow.

So when designing a new hospital building or renovating or refurbishing a current building consider a canopy as a simple addition to your building which will help reduce a patient’s distress as they enter a hospital. A large span canopy can be used to cover the entire emergency vehicle drop off area to enable ambulance and A&E staff to transfer patients into the hospital in the dry, so that bad weather does not add to their discomfort. A large span canopy can also keep attending staff dry, so there is no need to staff to waste valuable time putting on a coat etc, or needing time to change if their clothes get soaked in a heavy downpour.

Alternatively, if vehicles are able to pull up very near the entrance, a smaller canopy can be used to provide shelter in this entrance area which may be sufficient to keep a patient dry as they leave the ambulance.

A canopy also offers a handy device to alert patients as to where the entrance to the building is, or where a designated drop off zone is.

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