How Email Marketing can Help with Fundraising

How Email Marketing can Help with Fundraising

Fundraising is an ongoing job that needs to be done all the time. Whether you’re raising funds for a specific project like new sports equipment or a school canopy, or you’re looking just to raise funds for the school in general, then you need to host lots of events throughout the year.

One of the tools that’s often not used within fundraising is email marketing. However, there are lots of great benefits of using this communications tool to raise funds. For one, email marketing is so successful.

Very Good Return Rates
For every pound that you spend on your email marketing, you’re going to receive between £38 to £44 back. This is a significant amount and worth the investment. But not all email marketing campaigns have to be expensive. Using some software you can send out campaigns for nothing at all.

Email campaigns also take very little time to create. Most campaigns can be completed within just an hour or two, depending on whether you’re creating supporting material to go with it or not.

Easy Revenue Streams
Email marketing allows you to earn fundraising revenue through several means. For one, you can advertise the events that are going to be happening very soon. This allows you to attract more people to attend your events.

In addition, you can link a donation button to the email that can allow you to collect donations early.

Simple Analytics
You should be monitoring the success of your email marketing campaigns. This isn’t just done on what funds you’re raising, but also what people are clicking through on or reading. This can help you determine what your parents and other stakeholders are most interested in.

For instance, if you find that no one is interested in the information you’re publishing about a certain event or cause, you can assume they don’t like it. This can allow you to make adjustments and get better results by promoting other causes that your audience is interested in.

Email marketing can be one of the best tools at your disposal when it comes to fundraising at your school. Don’t neglect it and be sure to have regular content go out for your campaigns.

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