How the Fire Safety Regulations in High Rise Buildings Affects Projects with Balconies

How the Fire Safety Regulations in High Rise Buildings Affects Projects with Balconies

Since Dame Judith Hackitt filed her report for the Government in May 2018, awareness has increased dramatically regarding the risk of combustible materials used in high-rise buildings. So much so that as a result, a new regulation was set in place on 21st December 2018 which meant that combustible materials will not be permitted on the external walls and features of new buildings over 18m high containing flats. This also applies to new hospitals, residential care premises, dormitories in boarding schools and student accommodation.

How does the new fire regulations affect me?
All materials used on the external walls of the above mentioned buildings including cladding and balconies on buildings over 18m high must be fire resistant, achieving class A2-s1,d0 or Class A1 (under the European classification system set out in the standard BS EN 13501-1) subject to exemptions.

Previously, regulations allowed contractors to use Class B materials for cladding and balconies were not regulated unless they formed part of an escape route. This is now void and the above new fire regulations apply.

So, what’s the best materials to use?
Any high quality, long lasting product that achieves the fire rating of A2-s1,d0 or Class A1 will be suitable and will meet the regulations required. Aluminium is the perfect material as it is long-lasting, naturally rust resistant and light in weight, making it perfect for use on balconies. Our fire resistant balcony decking meets A2-s1, d0. To help you understand this fire rating please see below:

  1. Combustibility: A2L is non-combustible – A is the best, F is the worst
  2. Smoke Emission – s1 is best, s3 is worst
  3. Release of droplets or particles – d0 is best, d2 is worst.

Aluminium as a natural, non-treated product achieves an A1 fire rating however, our decking is covered with a non-combustible coating to make it safer to walk on and to give it a more attractive finish. This results in the end product featuring a A2-s1, d0 rating which is approved by the new legislations.

This makes our commercial aluminium decking the perfect solution for all your building projects which include balconies on high rise buildings.

Exclusively available from Able Canopies Ltd.
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