How to Keep a School Canopy Clean this Autumn

How to Keep a School Canopy Clean this Autumn

Autumn is a period when there is a lot of debris. High winds, falling leaves, branches and the remains of bird nests can get into surprising places and some not-so-surprising places. School canopies are some of the most common locations that will get dirty this autumn, so how can you keep them clean to ensure they look smart all-year-round? 

1. Brush Off

For those school canopies that you’re able to access from a school roof or through a window, a simple brush can help you remove a lot of the debris that will sit on top of the school canopy. This is a simple option that requires little effort.

 The only trouble is that you might get some mud or dirt stuck on the roof.

 2. Hose 

A short time under the hose can remove dirt and debris from the school canopy. It is quick and effective and can also be done from the ground on hard to reach canopies. Hoses only need a short time on the canopy. 

This can be messier as you will have to clear the wet debris from under the canopy. Therefore, you might want to consider only doing this when kids are not around.

 3. Professional Cleaners 

Sometimes it is important to get professional cleaners out to maintain certain parts of your school. Canopy cleaning companies can come in and clean a roof before or after school and will clear the mess for you. They will also ensure maintenance checks are completed. 

Considering the benefit that school canopies can have for students’ health and education, the extra investment in a professional job could be worth the expense.


School canopies need maintenance in order to ensure that they stay safe and look good throughout the year. Above are three simple ways that you can help to keep your canopy clean during the autumn. Always ensure that the work is safe and if in doubt, call in a professional cleaning service to help.

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