How to Maximise the Potential of Your Sports & Leisure Site with Outdoor Cover

How to Maximise the Potential of Your Sports & Leisure Site with Outdoor Cover

FEATURED IMAGE weymouth-pavillion-west-bespoke-tensile-entrance-canopy 01 small1. Make an Entrance – Ensure your entrance area is welcoming, attractive and spacious – this will create a great sense of arrival, making your visitors feel welcoming and giving a great first impression of your establishment. An entrance canopy can help enhance this sense of arrival, creating a defined entrance, and the addition of signage can also help add to the welcoming effect. An Entrance canopy also helps to prevent water and debris being walked into your building, keeping your entrance area clean and well presented.

2. Provide Year Round Outdoor Activities – Big span canopies can create cover for extra-large areas such as all year round sporting activities and can also be used to provide cover to spectators and supporters. Shade and shelter structures encourage more of your community to use your facilities when the weather is poor or too hot as they know they will be comfortable and dry whilst visiting.

coffee in a cafe3. Outdoor Dining – Increase capacity in your onsite café or restaurant by offering covered alfresco dining. Canopies can help make year round outdoor dining a reality expanding your dining capability and offering customers somewhere to enjoy their beverages or food in the fresh air without the worry of a sudden downpour.

4. Create Shaded Play Areas – If you have a play area onsite, you may find Shade Sails will encourage additional parents to allow their children to play in your facilities. When children are running around playing in the sun they can get extremely hot, a Shade sail offers shade from the sun and also blocks 98.8% of UV rays. This keeps the children underneath cooler and makes it safer for them to play for longer periods of time.

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