How To Maximise The Use Of Your PE Areas

How To Maximise The Use Of Your PE Areas

Every school has a PE area, but not everyone utilises them to their full potential. Physical education is very important for the development of children. Not only does it help to develop their physical skills, but it can also help with confidence, emotional, and interpersonal skills.

So, how can you maximise the use of your PE areas? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Redecorate Your PE Areas

The first thing you want to do is to redecorate your PE areas. The more attractive it looks the more children will want to be in those areas. Give the surroundings a fresh coat of paint, add in new equipment or refresh that which is worn or damaged from previous use. Finally, you might want to add a canopy to keep the area clean and protect children from extreme weather like the hot summer sun or rain.

  1. Do A Safety Check

While this doesn’t help you use the PE area, it does help you to determine what you need to do to ensure that children can play safely. That doesn’t mean that children should engage in ‘risky play’ but this should be managed and be physically safe to undertake.

  1. Let Your Children’s Imagine Run Wild

Sometimes the hardest part of PE is undertaking preset routines. Children may resist this and then you won’t have the best PE sessions. Therefore, you should try to allow children to create routines for themselves at times.

  1. Exercise At Break Times

One time that schools don’t always encourage exercise is at break time. Yet exercising after eating can be very helpful. Research has shown that it can help with digestion and lowers obesity. However, if you do have a break time during the hottest period of the day, be sure that children are exercising under the cover of a canopy.

  1. Train Staff

If you don’t have a specific teacher who is great at PE, then you should train staff to be able to deliver better PE lessons.

  1. Measure And Celebrate Achievements

If you want to encourage active participation from everyone in the school in regards to physical education, you can celebrate achievements. This doesn’t mean the best performers either. Those who have tried the hardest, improved the most or even just participated without failure should be rewarded.


Your PE spaces are an extension of your classroom. Remember that a few small changes can make a big difference when it comes to participation and the success of those lessons. Do you have any tips on how you can get people to participate more in PE lessons? Let us know in the comments.

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