How to Teach Children to Save Money this Year

How to Teach Children to Save Money this Year

The cost of living isn’t just a crisis the nation finds itself in. It is also a learning opportunity that allows you a wealth of activities that can contribute not only to children finding ways to save money but learn vital skills and knowledge. So here are some lessons that you can teach students.

  1. Food Growing

As food costs rise, there are going to be some people who are going to learn how to grow their own food to bring down the price of food shops. Children can get involved by learning about how to grow fruit and vegetables. You can also raise chickens for eggs to teach children about lifecycles.

Growing can be done in school gardens, under school canopies, and in other locations.

  1. Food Wastage

Another option is to teach children about food wastage. The UK, on average, throws away about 40% of its food. However, some of this can still be used. Teaching children how to cook leftovers into new meals or to recycle them into compost can be great lessons for them to learn.

You can mix several lessons in this section.

  1. Keep Equipment Safe

One way to save money is to ensure that equipment is not damaged. Children should be taught how they can keep equipment and belongings better. For instance, storing equipment in safe places like under the school canopy or in a shed. Or by ensuring that equipment is cleaned before being put away.

Children keeping equipment safe is an excellent life lesson.

  1. Budgeting

Budgeting is a vital skill and a great money/maths lesson. Children can learn about income, outgoings, and how to budget in fun, exciting lessons that are more like playtime.

Budget lessons can be done in scenarios or they can be done from workbooks.


In today’s modern world, the environment of cost-cutting and budget problems are going to affect everyone. Children should be taught lessons that are relevant to current events and the four options above are great ways to build their awareness and skills in these difficult times.

Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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