Ideas For Outdoor Play Sessions

Ideas For Outdoor Play Sessions

When it comes to the new school year, there’s going to be a lot of excitement from children who are excited about their new classrooms, teachers and even new schools. Many of the children will also be looking forward to going outside whether the weather is wet, cold, sunny or warm.

Learning outside is a fantastic opportunity for many children. It helps to develop confidence, social and fine-motor skills – all important for every day life. Playing outside is also linked to better mental and physical health. So, here are some ideas for outdoor play sessions.

  1. Outdoor Classrooms

If you’re a setting that has free access to outdoor spaces, then you can install an outdoor classroom. This could be a shed or similar structure that has tables, chairs and other resources inside that extend the learning environment outside.

You can have games outside as well, like dolls, dress-up and other activities that are normally done inside because items left outside would ruin.

  1. Small Parts Art

Small parts is anything small. For instance, pebbles, buttons, coins, leaves, etc. These can be used in art projects outside that can be used to allow children to express themselves, a very therapeutic activity. Small parts art doesn’t have to be permanent, it can be temporary art that you take photos of.

Every week this could be an activity with a different set of small parts, so those who want to join in can create weekly murals that are inspirational. And this activity is great even when it is raining as you can do the art under a school canopy.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Another great idea is to run treasure hunts outside. There are several ways you run these. The first is to tell the children to find something that is a certain colour and bring it back. Or you could use descriptions like “something from a tree”. This idea helps with activity levels, keeping children moving and can help with learning.

  1. Musical Islands

Instead of sitting indoors to play musical chairs, you could put pieces of card on the ground and ask the children to dance to the music and stand on an island (card) when the music stops. This is a great way to encourage exercise and improve their awareness of the environment.

There are also other classical games you can play outside like Simon Says.


Make the most of your outdoor spaces by creating games and other activities. What games will you create? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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