Ideas For Outdoor Play

Ideas For Outdoor Play

Are your students playing the same outdoor games? Do you want to introduce them to new ideas, games and activities to broaden their experiences and improve their learning opportunities? Here are some great options you could add to their play.

  1. A Mud Kitchen

This is a favourite of many children because it is messy and fun. You don’t even need much, a simple play kitchen, some old pots and pan or other accessories and some water and mud. Children can have fun making mud pies or other dishes.

A mud kitchen doesn’t have to be about food either. You could encourage the children to build mini mud sculptures, mud furniture for dolls or little habitats for bugs.

  1. Building Sites

A lot of the time we concentrate on getting children to create something on the small scale. Yet we very rarely given them the chance to create something big. However, with some tyres, planks and pipes; children can let their imagination go.

They can build pirate ships, aeroplanes, towers, assault courses and more that are large, fun and energetic. It helps them see the bigger picture and building big is often a group activity, helping children to learn social and team skills.

  1. Seeing The Smaller Details

Give children a magnifying glass and get them to look at nature up close. They look at the ants and bugs on the ground or on flowers. Seeing the details up close can be a great conversation starter for children. They can count legs, look at the texture of the skin and see how animals walk.

You can also ask children to also draw what they see and ask them to think about what it would be like to live in their world, fuelling their imagination.

  1. Colouring The Floor

Get children into big art by making them colour the pavement or concrete area under a school canopy. Use chalk and get them to draw as big a picture as possible. Let their imaginations go wild and then take pictures of the final work. You can also discuss it with them.

The chalk will easily come off in the rain, so they can create new pictures all the time.


Outdoor play can be very fun and there are lots of activities that can be done. Use some of the ideas that we’ve mentioned here to augment your current outdoor play ideas.

What outdoor games do your students play? Let us know in the comments.

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