Ideas To Turn Your School Website Into A Fundraising Powerhouse

Ideas To Turn Your School Website Into A Fundraising Powerhouse

Whether you’re raising funds for a new school canopy or perhaps a new computer room, fundraising in this day and age has become more challenging. Sponsored events, school fetes and other activities have ground to a halt. That doesn’t mean that you’re unable to hold fundraising events, it just means you have to change strategy.

One strength of a school that is often ignored is the potential of the school website. Very few educational institutions take advantage of their website as a way to raise funds. So here are some suggestions.

1. Sell Merchandise

Using print on demand services, you can have items sold on your school website. Get children to create designs for t-shirts, cups, tea towels and more and have your website sell these designs. There are printers that can then print the items and send them to those who have placed orders, with you taking a cut of the sales.

2. Crowdfunding

Another option is to use websites as a way to collect donations from parents/guardians for specific projects. A simple donation button on your website is like crowdfunding and can be much more important.

3. Online Fetes

You might not be able to use your school to host a fete, but you can use your website to host an online fete. Stalls can be setup on pages where games/products can be sold. Local businesses can hire out pages to help you raise funds.

4. Online Views Of Your School Productions

While a school production might not be on the cards this year either, that doesn’t mean children can’t learn the annual Christmas production and then film it in front of a camera. The video footage can then be shown on the website where tickets can be charged.


You might be limited in how to raise funds face to face for your new school canopy or sports equipment, but that doesn’t mean all the options are gone for you. Use your school website as a platform to fundraise this winter and protect your staff, students and those close to the school while also finding the money you need for projects.

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