Improve Learning By Engaging With Children’s Interests

Improve Learning By Engaging With Children’s Interests

If you want to improve the learning of students in your care, you need to think about how you’re going to engage them. There are lots of ways that you can engage children with learning in schools.

One of the most popular options is to increase learning activities outside. This is a great option that can improve learning as well as mental and physical health. There are also other teaching options available that will improve learning. Here are some ideas for when children will be attending school again.

Engage Through Interests

One of the more interesting options is to engage your children through their interests. There are lots of varied interests within a class and each one of these could be turned into an excellent lesson. For instance, if a child has an interest in history, you could arrange to visit a museum or another historical point.

Or you could create outdoor games that are focused around history, like recreating Roman villas. You can hire historical re-enactors to help with this and ask the children to come dressed-up in outfits to suit the time period.

Another example is using football to help teach children about counting. In hot weather, you could protect children and still allow for sport to be part of your learning by running the lessons under a school canopy.

Museum Learning Tactics

Another option is to create a museum environment within your own school premises. This is where you set up several different activities around your setting that have multiple learning objectives. For instance, you could create a mud cafe, stone crafts and obstacle courses outside.

Inside you could create several other options for the students to play. The idea is that each activity is like an attraction at a museum. And you can allow children to move freely from activity to activity. This free play will allow children to choose the learning they want to do and the activities they enjoy.

Therefore, children will be happier and this will improve learning retention.


If you want your children to be happy and learning lots at your educational setting, you need to create an environment where they are learning while doing something that engages them. By using their interests and creating museum learning activities inside and outside, You can enhance your setting and provide the best education for all children.

Whilst some of these suggestions are not recommended or possible during the current situation, they are great ideas for planning your future lessons.

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