Invite an Author to Visit Your School

Invite an Author to Visit Your School

arrange-an-author-visit-at-your-schoolInviting an author to visit your school can generate a lot of interest in reading and literature, which is particularly important for those that do not already have a great interest in reading.

Reading at a young age, I feel is important because I think it broadens children’s imaginations and allows them to feel passionate about something and they can tell their parents, family members and friends about the stories they are reading.

So, a great way to achieve this enthusiasm is to invite an author into your school to read one of their books to your pupils and then have a question and answer session afterwards to introduce more enthusiasm and to intrigue them.

In the run up to the visit, you could read the book in class and create a project from it and ask children to put together some questions that they would like to ask the author about the book. Once the author has left, the project could then be completed with a follow-up lesson where children can talk about the event, the author and what they found out by meeting him/her. You could also ask the children to write thank you letters to the author for coming in.

Another fantastic idea is that if the book is based on an outdoor adventure, then why not hold the event outdoors? A school canopy will provide a dry area in case it starts raining during the event and you can still stay outside uninterrupted!

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