Keeping Your Bike Safe

Keeping Your Bike Safe

Within the recent years, more and more children and adults have taken up cycling as it is a much more healthier and cost effective transport option compared to motor vehicles.

Although this news is fantastic, it also unfortunately means that if there are more bicycles on the road, then there are more bicycles out there that criminals are able to steel. This should not put cycle riders off using their bikes as a means of transport and there are a few pointers that can be taken into consideration in order to keep everyone’s bikes safe and secure away from theft and vandalism.

Here is a list of what measures you should take to make sure that your bike is safe when not in use:

  • Always make sure you own a good quality lock to secure your bicycle to cycle racks when unattended. It would be a good idea to use two bike locks at the same time for extra security.
  • When you store your bicycle at home, make sure you always store it in a secure garage or shed that is locked at all times.

If you are a school or company, here is a list of options you should consider to encourage your pupils, staff and visitors to use their bicycles whilst visiting you, therefore reducing traffic.

  • Purchase a secure cycle shelter or cycle compound so that your bicycle riders can securely lockup their cycles within it, giving them peace of mind that their bikes will be safe.
  • Arrange for the cycle shelter or compound installed in a well light area that is in a public place rather than hidden behind a building out of sight.
  • Find out about or look into local cycle initiatives to raise awareness of cycle security this is particularly a good idea for schools.

Cycle Shelters and Compounds offer complete protection from theft when placed in a well light area, our cycle shelters are manufactured to your specification therefore allowing us to create a cycle storage solution to your specifications.

Able Canopies’ Cycle Shelters can store anything from 10 bicycles upwards depending on the size chosen and can be manufactured to be BREEAM compliant.

Able Canopies’ Cycle Compounds can store from 20 bikes upwards depending on the size chosen and can also be manufactured to be BREEAM compliant.

Our entire range of cycle shelters and compounds are all supplied with Sheffield cycle racks for bicycles to be secured to with the use of a padlock or other locking device and the compounds are fitted to secure lockable doors for ultimate protection against vandalism and theft.

Click here for some safe cycling advice from the government > Steer Clear of Cycle Theft

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