Make your Sports Area Spectacular with a Canopy

Make your Sports Area Spectacular with a Canopy

Create a covered spectator area for your outdoor sports area and encourage more people to attend your premises and watch their family or friends take part in sporting activities.

man-535872_640Offering an area where spectators can cheer on friends or relatives that is comfortable and dry, will not only encourage players to keep up with their sports as their loved ones are supporting them, but it will also bring in more revenue from your onsite beverage sales.

This could also result in you encouraging spectators to start using your facilities themselves or to recommend your sports centre to others, creating a higher demand for memberships at your sports centre and increased popularity and reputation.

Having lots of spectators on site that are clapping and cheering on players will improve the atmosphere dramatically, improving the experience for the spectators and also the players, improving motivation and their enjoyment of the game. This will also give players and spectators a better experience of attending your site.

bradley-bowling-club-wrexham-clwyd-coniston 02 small

Bradley Bowling Club invested in a Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy as part of a refurbishment of their bowling club in Wrexham, Clwyd to offer a dry, shaded area for spectators and players to sit under.

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