Making an entrance

Making an entrance

Entrances to commercial buildings and industrial sites are often difficult spaces to cover. The balance between practical weather protection and aesthetic fit make for a design challenge. The examples shown here from recent installations demonstrate how our canopy systems can be used to meet the needs for shelter at distinctly different sites.

The Hilton Hotel in York commissioned our Kensington Mono Pitch free standing canopy to provide a clear focal point for the hotel entrance. This canopy is a robust construction that provides a dramatic, contemporary look that enhances the hotel’s entrance area.

BT Magna Park used two of our Welford Dome Junior Free Standing Canopies to provide cover to employees when they were entering and leaving the company’s Leicestershire site. The Welford Dome Junior gives cost effective cover over a sizeable area which allows staff to be protected at peak times, at the beginning and end of the day. Here the requirement is more practicality over style, although the Welford Dome Junior still provides clean lines and an elegant finish.

The Abberton Entrance Canopy provides a cantilevered system option that removes the need for posts. Its modern ‘industrial’ looks make it ideal for modern environments. The perforated steel wall brackets provide stylish detailing and the tough polycarbonate roof panels give the required shelter, including high levels of UV protection. It can be ordered in unlimited lengths and has a maximum projection of 1.5m, making it a flexible canopy choice.

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