Messy Food Crafts

Messy Food Crafts

pasta-602247_640Craft items can be very expensive but being creative and crafty is a very important part of children’s learning development and therefore simply cannot be reduced or dismissed.

Asking for donations of left over items is very popular and families are always happy to donate, but have you thought about asking for donations for food that is unwanted/past the sell by date?

Calm down I don’t mean to serve to the children to eat, I meant for them to use them as part of their crafts. Dried pasta, spaghetti, cereal and even cornflour can all be used to create masterpieces that their families can cherish forever!

Dried spaghetti, pasta and cereal can be used to stick onto paper or card and can be painted over, as I’m sure you are aware as this is very popular, and also cornflour can be mixed with PVA glue (using a ratio of 2:1 of cornflour to glue) and rolling it to make a dough. Children can then shape the dough into decorations and add small holes in them so that they can insert string and hang them up! They can also be painted once dried in an oven for about 45 minutes on a low heat.

There are many other foods that can be used to make crafty items, what have you used in the past? I’d love to read your ideas in the comments box below. Remember that messy crafts can be enjoyed outside to reduce the mess on carpets and tables inside. A canopy is perfect for allowing you to hold such lesson outdoors al year round!

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