On Two Wheels

On Two Wheels

Bike Week, the annual celebration of all things cycling, takes place between June 10th and 18th this year.

There will be activities organised on a national and local level to help to promote the obvious benefits of getting out and about on two wheels and leaving the car at home. The key message is to show how cycling can be a part of everyday life – for example tackling the daily commute by bike, incorporating cycling as part of regular exercise or for fun family outings in the saddle.

Bike Week

Most people understand the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling. Encouraging good habits at a young age is important and many schools will be taking part in cycling related activities during Bike Week. These activities will also include the practicalities of owning a cycle with guidance on fixing punctures and regular maintenance of brakes, gears and the cycle frame.

There can be practical barriers to cycling though. And an important part of Bike Week is to look at how objections to using bicycles can be overcome. One of the common concerns is security. How can you make sure that your bike will still be where you left it once you have finished your day at work? Or how can cycles be stored safely and neatly on school premises?

The solution is look at the various bicycle parking and storage options available. From the simplest of parking stands and racks through to shelters and compounds that will provide weather protection and enhanced security.

Able Canopies have a full range of cycle parking options that can meet the needs of your school or business. From the stylish to the functional, there is a storage solution for you. Our experts will be able to advise you on the correct choice for your usage needs, the space available, efficient weather protection and level of security required.

For more information on how we can help you encourage more cycling at your school or work place, click here: www.ablecanopies.co.uk/bicycle-parking-solutions/