Outdoor Area Installed At School And Nursery In Kent

Outdoor Area Installed At School And Nursery In Kent

Queenborough School & Nursery in Kent were looking to expand a learning and play space for one of their classrooms. As such, they contracted NPS Property Consultants to help them create this new area.

Those working on the project at the school and nursery setting wanted to create an outdoor area which could be used for lessons and play all year round. This created some challenges. Outdoor spaces can be become wet and slippery during wet periods and too much exposure to UV rays can also be harmful to health.

One of the hardest elements to protect from is also the wind. Lessons out in a windy conditions are not easy. The wind can also make children and adults feel very cold which is distracting and unpleasant.

Choosing The Right Solution For The Setting

There are only a few solutions that can help protect from both sun, rain and wind as well as other seasonal weather. One of the best solutions for this is a school canopy. This protects the ground from getting wet in rain and can also protect areas from gusts of wind.

The area had to look good to children and parents as well as offer functionality for lessons and play. As such, we installed a white Coniston wall mounted canopy that was supported by rear steel goal posts with 5mm side fills to create the area.

During the installation we also installed a soft play area for the children to enjoy, secure roller shutters that allow the area to be opened up to additional outdoor play space and commercial fire doors for safety.

The roller shutters are blue in colour, which gives it a nice finishing touch.

The canopy was 17.04 metres by 4.65 metres big, giving the school and nursery a large play space.

The installation was completed in December 2018, ready for the new calender year.

As a result, children can play and learn in safety while enjoying all the benefits of the outdoor space.

If you’re looking to offer schools and other educational settings a similar product, then contact our team who can help you choose what canopies for schools are suitable for your particular needs.

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