5 Outdoor Craft Ideas To Try This Winter

5 Outdoor Craft Ideas To Try This Winter

It’s getting colder outside and feeling quite wintery, yet you will still want to keep the children you teach active outside. Craft ideas can be a great way to get children moving and learning outside and if you have a covered canopy area, you can easily set up crafting stations.

Here we have 5 great ideas for winter crafting. If you’re feeling ambitious you could set up all 5 at different tables and have the children move round each station and try each one!

1. Hedgehog Scrap Pictures
This one is a lovely classic. Produce a hedgehog template that children can trace onto a piece of card. Then create a college for the spines. This could be made out of pre-cut card leaf shapes, craft leaves. Or, to encourage plenty of exercise and interacting with nature, ask the children to collect leaves from the school playing field.

As additional enrichment, you could learn about hibernation and leaf identification at the same time!

2. Pine Cone Ornaments

This one can really enable the children to be creative. Grab a pine cone, plenty of PVA glue and allow the children to express their inner creativity. Provide a variety of decorative items such as sequins, pom poms, coloured shapes etc.

A piece of string can be tied to the top and they can either be used to decorate the class tree and celebrate how different, yet special everyone is. Or let the children take them home as a gift for their family.

3. Paper Chains

Paper chains are best when worked on as a team. A simple craft activity, which can be set up quite easily but can be done in small groups working together to encourage teamwork.

4. Create Hibernating Places

As a more active craft activity, encourage the children to safely explore fallen wood sticks and leaves and to work together to create homes for hibernating animals. This is another great opportunity to get the children moving outdoors during cold weather.

Even if you only have a small area under your canopy, you could put out trays with leaves and sticks to create bug houses.

5. Christmas Cards

A classic craft for this season but Christmas cards are so much fun to make and the children will really enjoy this activity. Try focusing on a specific skill, such as paper cutting.

Perhaps the children can make a pop-up Christmas card, such as a tree. Provide an example and instructions. You could then ask the children to write out instructions for making a card and incorporate the activity with their English work.


Being outside, even in the cold weather can be so beneficial to children’s health and well-being and can really enhance their learning at school. Here are 5 great craft ideas to get your children creatively working together this winter.

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