Outdoor Learning – Literacy

Outdoor Learning – Literacy

Literacy lessons don’t always have to be held indoors. Literacy lessons that may be louder than usual or energetic and therefore requires more room for movement are perfect for holding outdoors in the fresh air. This also avoids disruption to other classes and offers more freedom of movement.

Holding such lessons under a canopy will guarantee that the planned lesson can still go ahead in any weather because the canopy will keep all children and staff sheltered from whatever the weather has to offer.

Phonic Sounds

st-peters-catholic-primary-school-kent-coniston 02 smallOne idea for an outdoor literacy lesson is teaching phonic sounds. There are many ways that phonic sounds can be taught outside however, here’s a few to get you started:

Using an outdoor chalkboard or whiteboard you can write down the phonics that you would like the children to learn, they could then write it on the floor using chalk or on large pieces of paper. Split the children into groups and ask them to find items in the playground that starts with the same sound and bring them to their paper or to draw them.

Another fun way to learn phonic sounds is to create large cards with phonic sounds on, lay them on the floor and using a fly swatter or something similar, ask the children to “splat” the cards with the matching phonic sounds to what you call out.

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