How to create your ideal Playground

How to create your ideal Playground

IS078-019Providing an inviting and fun playground is a great way to encourage children to play outdoors. A well designed playground will allow children to let off steam and help develop their senses as well as nurturing creativity and imagination. It will also go a long way to promoting physical activity in the outdoors and these happy memories of outdoor play can help to keep children interested in the outdoors and physical exercise as they grow into young adults and beyond.

If you are looking to redesign or even create a completely new playground the task can seem a daunting one. With so many things to consider it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there so we’ve put together these tips to help you plan the ideal playground or play area for your school.

1. Involve everyone in the design
If you are redesigning a playground how about asking the children for ideas about what they want to have in the area. By incorporating their ideas, and also ideas from other teachers and parents you will create an area everyone will love and enjoy using and it will become a real asset and attractive feature which you can show off to prospective new pupils and parents to really help sell your school!

2. Encourage movement
Providing equipment which encourages physical activity can have a positive effect on children’s health and well being. By using up their energy children can return to class ready to work and you should find listening and concentration improves dramatically. Simple ways to introduce more active play in the playground – create a hopscotch and other games which can be easily drawn onto the tarmac area of the playground- alternatively contact a play area surface suppler who can help you create a floor design which incorporates these games. A climbing frame can also provide active play opportunities, and props such as skipping ropes and simple obstacle courses can also be great additions.

3. Make it fun
Introducing lots of colours into the play area will make the area look fun and inviting, particularly to younger pupils. Choose colourful equipment, you could also add some coloured bunting or flags to make areas even more colourful. The addition of play panels can add a fun and educational element, these colourful panels promote interactive learning and develop children’s communication and team work skills.

4. Support their creativity
The addition of chalkboards in your playground will bring out children’s artistic side and encourage creative thinking. We offer a large chalkboard which is perfect for nurturing children’s creativity.

5. Deter bullying – keep a clear view
When designing your playground, ensure there are no hidden areas where bullying could take place – a teacher should be able to see all areas of the playing area with a quick glance around.

6. Think outside the box
Sand pits, water areas and sensory gardens can enhance playtime further, providing children with opportunity to be creative and explore exciting environments. A great addition to sensory gardens, or a playground is musical playground equipment. Our musical play equipment is designed to be permanently fitted outside and is specially designed to ensure the sounds made are harmonious, allowing these instruments to be played by any child – even if they have no previous musical knowledge – this makes these especially suited to younger children and the inability to play “wrong” notes will help build their musical confidence.

school playground7. Provide shade and protection from the Sun
Ensure your children have some form of shade and shelter protection – particularly in the summer months- trees can provide some shade – however they won’t provide much protection from the rain. A canopy can provide shelter from harmful UV rays and from the rain too, creating a great all weather area of the playground that children can enjoy all year round.

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If you require extra funds in order to create your perfect play area why not download our Fundraising Pack, which is full of ideas and handy hints to help you run fundraising events effectively


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