Planning For Winter Fundraising With Social Distancing

Planning For Winter Fundraising With Social Distancing

Scientists and the government are warning us that there’s a potential of a second wave of Covid-19 coming this winter. And as a result, there is likely to be social distancing for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t stop the need for fundraising for your school.

Normally, fundraising would be an event, held indoors, that can sometimes get crowded. Events might include school performances, school winter fetes and other evenings. These could all be put at risk should there be a second wave. So, what can be done? Well here are some winter school fundraising ideas that you can use.

1. A Winter Wonderland Tour
Decorate your school as a winter wonderland for the weekend and then invite parents and children to tour the school for a small fee. You can set entrances and speeds of the parents going around to encourage social distancing. Those waiting can do so outside, underneath a school canopy or other shelter.

Inside the winter wonderland you could have activities that could easily be sanitised. Tours could also have treasure hunts on them, where children could win prizes for spotting certain things around the tour.

 2. Virtual Shop
Do you sell a lot of craft at your normal winter events? Why not create a small online shop and sell on there. This can help you generate income online. The great thing about this option is that it can run over a long time and could be re-used for future fundraising ideas.

Crafts and other gifts could be donated by local businesses and artists to help raising stocks. Buyers could also have their products delivered to them, to prevent more footfall in the area. You might also be able to get the website built by a generous member of your school community.

3. Virtual Shows
Use the power of online to sell tickets to virtual shows at your school. Pantomimes, variety shows and more can be filmed at your school and showed online for a small fee. You can use online media distributors like YouTube and Vimeo to help you stream and share the videos.

This is a rather low cost option that retains the tradition of the school play.

While there might be a second wave that could enforce local lockdowns and more restrictions on our lives; that doesn’t mean that school fundraising has to stop. There are ways to make fundraising this winter possible, like the options above. But if you’re going to make a success of these options, you need to start planning them soon.

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