Planning your Cycle Parking – Part 3: The Design and Funding

Planning your Cycle Parking – Part 3: The Design and Funding

helena-partnership-langdale-North 01 smallThe location and users of your parking solution will help determine which style of cycle parking is most suited to your organisation, however if you need more help deciding we have created a handy flow chart to help you narrow it down further > Cycle Shelters Vs Compounds

It is also important to consider the finish you would like on your cycle hoops, shelter, or compound. We recommend the framework is powder coated as a minimum or galvanized and powder coated for ultimate corrosion protection. When choosing your supplier, check that they hold the quality standards necessary for a quality finish, such as BS EN ISO 1461.

When choosing your cycle product it is ultimately your budget that will decide which option you can go ahead with. First it is a good idea to find out the prices of cycle shelters and compounds etc and then look at your budget and see if it matches up – if it is way off you may have to reconsider your choices, or look at cheaper alternative methods for creating your solution.

The size of the facilities needed will affect the cost, as will more enclosed options however there are also some less obvious issues and features that need to be considered and budgeted for. It is important to do this analysis before committing to a product so that you include all possible costs in your budget, which should hopefully stop you overspending.

Your Budget
These are some of the additional factors you will need to take into account to ensure you budget correctly:

  1. If you have existing parking which needs to be disposed off to make way for the new parking it is a good idea to get a cost for this and add this into the final project cost. Alternatively you could look into the cost to get it refurbished or moved, which may work out cheaper.
  2. Your evaluation of location and the users of your shelter will have shown you whether lighting or CCTV is needed, if this is the case don’t forget to budget these extra costs in.
  3. Groundworks may be needed if you do not have a suitable base for a shelter or cycle hoops. At Able Canopies we provide a free site survey to customers and additional needs such as groundworks will be assessed at this stage, and a cost for such work offered if required.

Cycle Compound

Once you have evaluated whether you need any of these features it is then best to contact some suppliers to get quotes on the cycle product of your choice and also see if they can help you with disposing of existing products providing security devices or completing groundwork. To ensure all your needs are met it is best to choose a company who will come out and view the area where you would like the product to be installed so they can product accurate measurements and also check for any issues which need to be considered at install – such as access issues.

It is a good idea to shop around and find to find best quality product you can afford. If funding is an issue ask your supplier if a standard option can be adapted, or a shelter can be designed to cater to your budget. Here at Able Canopies we design cycle shelters to suit our customers’ needs and we understand that budgets can sometimes be tight so we are happy to work with a customer to create a solution that they are happy with and that will give them good value for money.

Brochure - PiggyBank smallFunding
If you find that your desired solution is way out of budget don’t despair! There are many sources of funding which your school, community, or organisation may be eligible for that could help you achieve your goal. Read more about funding providers who help with cycle initiatives.

If you are looking to offer new cycle parking or an outdoor covered area and would like to boost your budget download our free Funding Guide below for 6 of the best funding providers, plus tips on how to complete a funding application form.

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