Four Plastic-Free Easter Crafts for Schools

Four Plastic-Free Easter Crafts for Schools

Is the use of plastic with your seasonal crafts starting to play on your mind now that the media are showing us just how bad our single use plastic lifestyle is affecting the environment? If so then that’s brilliant, just remember you can still help your pupils create fun, seasonal crafts that they can take home to their parents or keep at school.

There’s an abundance of eco-friendly seasonal activities and crafts you can make with your pupils and as Easter will soon be upon us, I will focus this post on natural Easter crafts for today.

Stone Easter Eggs
Instead of painting polyester eggs, why not paint natural stones which can be found on the school grounds, your garden, or if you’re lucky enough to have one close by, the beach.

Your pupils can use their regular paints and create masterpieces with these natural resources that often get forgotten about. To ensure the decoration lasts, you may need to apply a glaze however, more fun can be had by redecorating them for each season!

They can be used to brighten up the school garden or taken home or the same reason.

Pinecone Easter Egg
If sourcing rocks aren’t available to you then why not try out making pinecone Easter eggs? You may already have some collected from last autumn if not, ask around; parents may have some stashed away, or they can also be purchased online.

They can be painted just like the stones and used to decorate the school or home gardens, they can also be hung from trees or outside structures to brighten up your play area.

Paper Mâché Easter Eggs
You can purchase wood and card eggs that your pupils can cover with PVA glue and strips of newspaper or coloured paper to create a paper Mache Easter egg that can then be painted and decorated as desired.

DIY Paper Egg Baskets
You can make your own egg baskets out of paper or card to save the use of plastic even further. It can then be adding to the paper recycling when no longer needed or stored for safe keeping by proud mum and dads.

If you’re not so sure about designing a template free hand, here’s a couple of free templates you can download and print.

Easter Bunny Baskets Form the Craft Train
Easter Egg Basket – Kidspot

Do you like the ideas I’ve shared so far and want to see more? Then make sure you pop back soon as I’ll be sharing crafts for each season including

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Plus, crafts throughout the year to help look after our wildlife at school

The messier crafts such as painting stones and pinecones can be carried out under a school canopy outside to ensure the activity can go ahead, yet the rain wont put a damper on it.

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