Protecting Outdoor Equipment on the Playground

Protecting Outdoor Equipment on the Playground

While many people don’t think of it, the summer months can be just as damaging to equipment as the cold, wet and windy winter weather. So how can you protect equipment like play items, learning equipment and more during the summer months? Here are some great options.

1. School Canopies

School canopies are one of the top options because they offer a versatile and safe space for storage and a good play space during hot and sunny weather. Canopies protect the people and equipment underneath them from the sun’s UV rays and can also offer a cooling place to sit or play.

They are also versatile as they can protect your students all year-round.

2. Covers

Some equipment could have covers over them that allow you to protect equipment when not in use. While it would mean placing covers on the equipment after each use, it can also extend the life of the equipment. During August, most of the equipment should either be away or under a cover.

Covers work best with equipment that can’t be moved easily. So climbing frames, and other similar items should be covered.

3. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of equipment can help protect it from the damage caused by the weather. One of the biggest causes of this is when there is a sudden temperature change.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the best option to spot where there is damage that might allow elements to gain access and cause more damage.

4. Sheds

Another option, and the best for smaller items, is to place equipment in a storage area or shed when not in use. This is a simple solution but not all equipment can fit inside a shed or through the doors. So you might need to use some of the options above.


Investment in your equipment is very high. Therefore, you will want to protect it for longer use and to prevent breakages. Above are four strategies to protect your equipment from damage due to summer weather conditions.

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