Protecting School Equipment In Winter Weather

Protecting School Equipment In Winter Weather

As the cold, wet and windy weather comes to the UK, playgrounds will be drenched. Equipment left outside can be damaged by the harsh winter weather and with several storms predicted for this year, it is important that steps are taken to protect it.

There are several ways that schools can protect equipment from the winter weather, here are some of the suggestions.

1. School Canopies

The most obvious is by placing equipment underneath a school canopy. A school canopy will offer significant protection from cold, wet weather that prevents rusting and equipment from becoming damaged.

It also means that school equipment can stay dry, allowing it to be used by staff and children when they want to conduct learning activities. At the same time a school canopy can keep equipment and materials cleaner by not having dirty water or debris onto the equipment.

Another advantage of canopies for schools is that they offer a safe learning environment or play space for children while it is raining. Children love playing outside, in all sorts of weather and this investment makes it a safer place.

2. Coverings

Another option is to place coverings over equipment. Large rain covers can be bought very cheaply and can act as a second layer of protection to equipment to keep it all dry and safe from the weather. Coverings are very inexpensive too, making them a great investment.

Coverings can also be placed over equipment at the end of the day and taken off just before classes start.

3. Storage Area

Designating a storage area for equipment, whether it is a lean too in the corner under a school canopy or a bike shelter, allows for you to have good protection. Most areas have a prevalent direction for wind and rain, therefore you can plan a storage area which offers the best protection out of the wind and rain.


Protecting your equipment from the wet weather is essential for keeping it clean and safe to use for children. School canopies are one of the best options and the biggest advantage of them is that they will also protect your equipment in the summer from damage by UV rays.

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