What are UV rays – and why we need protection from them

What are UV rays – and why we need protection from them

Mazehill (4) smallIt is well known that sun’s UV rays can cause damaging effects such as sunburn, premature ageing, eye cataracts and a heightened risk of skin cancer. That’s why it is important to offer protection to the children and staff in your school with an outdoor shade structure that has built in UV protection to allow you to offer year-round UV protection whatever the weather.

Some may think – why is UV protection so necessary in the UK – we don’t have many sunny days compared to other parts of the world. However unfortunately a sunny day is not the only time that your skin is at risk from damage from the sun.

UV rays can penetrate clouds, so that even on cloudy or hazy days, UV rays can still reach your skin. And it’s on these cooler, cloudier days that we may forget to apply sunscreen, or cover up, because the sun’s heat isn’t so noticeable and we don’t associate these cloudy days with the need to provide skin protection. So whilst on hot and sunny days parents will remember to pack hats and sunscreen for children to use at school or nursery, on those cloudy or hazy days they may not think they are necessary.

However if you have an outdoor canopy or shade sail offering UV protection, you can rest assured that, even when the sun isn’t out, the children in your care have a place to shade themselves from the sun’s rays and to keep cool.

Click here for more information regarding the UV rays and the damaging effects it can have on our skin if we are not protected from it – Skin Cancer Foundation and download our brochure to view our full range of school canopies that are perfect for creating shade and shelter in the playground.

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