Role Play Ideas For Learning Outside

Role Play Ideas For Learning Outside

Role play is a fun way for children to learn and develop. It supports creativity and imagination while also developing social communication skills. It might be tempting to leave role play to the dress-up corner and playtime but are there other options? How could you enhance role play?

Here are some great role play ideas for learning outside.

Role Play as Police
Your local PCSO will likely come to school during the year to talk to the children about road safety. See if you can combine this with dress-up so the children can pretend to be a PCSO themselves. Yellow vests would be fine as a minimum.

Some local schools even have the primary children observe the speeds of passing cars so they can really get a feel for the role and also the responsibility of car drivers to drive safely. This will also benefit the children by teaching them how to stay safe near roads and traffic.

Learn By Teaching
Encourage the children to share their experiences and knowledge by teaching others in the class. The children can take it in turns to role play as a teacher and teach the others in the class what they know about their favourite hobby or sport.

You could take this activity outside and if you’re out in the sun for a while could use your school canopy as shade. This activity is great for early in the school year. The children will be able to learn about each other’s interests and will also provide them with new interests to talk about and make friends.

An Imaginative World
You can ask the children to create a magical world in the playground. They can use equipment and materials from your forest school to build dens and forts.

They could craft items to enhance their character. The children will be able to practise explaining by describing their character and will need to work as a team to create the magical world.

Final Word
Although role play can be overlooked as a learning experience, it can also be hugely valuable. Here are three ideas where you can enhance role play and have a memorable learning experience for everyone.

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