Harvest Festival Ideas for All Schools

Harvest Festival Ideas for All Schools

As soon as the children return to school in September, the harvest period is upon many. This should be a fn period and a great way for children to explore so much around them. The harvest period can help children learn about nutrition and food, lifecycles, local culture, other cultures and even history.

So here are some ideas that you can have to help you turn this year’s harvest festival into an educational and fun time.

1. Harvest Festivals
Harvest festivals were a time for fun and celebrating, something that in the past couple of years has been lost. However, now those times can return and you can put on an event which parents and families can come and enjoy. Rides, entertainment, competitions and more can be hosted.

These can also be a great time to host fundraising activities for your new school canopy, computers, sports equipment or something else.


 2. Cooking Classes
From locally grown crops or perhaps a selection of British-grown fruits and vegetables, the harvest period is a time to teach children how to cook meals. Getting them to prepare small dinners or small side dishes is a great way for children to learn about balanced meals and kitchen skills.

Cooking classes can be done in small groups, offering younger children more one-on-one time with teaching staff and for teachers to assess children’s individual needs as well.

3. History
Harvest festivals are full of history. They’re a great way to explore culture, but also to learn about big events in history. You could get the children to explore the history of the English harvest fluctuations of the 15-17th centuries or you could look at how the potato famine impacted Ireland.

Exploring these periods could get the children talking about the long-term consequences. But they can also explore the causes whether it was weather, plague or vermin.

 4. Culture
 Most cultures celebrate the harvest in some form and exploring these can be a great way for children to learn more about diversity and the world. Children can watch videos of other cultures or perhaps invite guest speakers who are willing to show their culture to the children.

There might be children in the class who have parents/grandparents who might want to share their stories too.

5. Lifecycles
Whether you’re looking at the lifecycle of a plant or an animal, the harvest time is perfect for showing the lifecycle. Children can grow cress in the class, which can then be used in a cooking class to show how a seed can turn into a plant and then seed itself.

Lifecycles are an important learning objective for many classes, so this is a great time to add it to the academic calendar.

Harvest time is a great time for learning and fun. Above are four options that can help you celebrate this time as well as teach children many wonderful lessons.

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