Secondary School Canopies

Secondary School Canopies

Canopies can be valuable assets to secondary schools as they offer a wide variety of practical uses for day to day activities such as…..

Covered walkways provide your students and teachers with cover from the weather when they frequently walk to and from lessons. This helps stop a build up of students waiting indoors until the rain stops and also deters students from turning up to lessons late due to avoiding walking in the rain.

Oakland’s Secondary School in Bethnal Green, London had a 47m x 4m x 2m Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopy installed to create cover between two buildings:

Oakland's Secondary School - Walkway Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd

Dining Canopies
Dining Canopies give your students the option to enjoy their lunch alfresco, this is particularly pleasant on summer days when it’s hot and stuffy indoors. A dining canopy provides a cool shaded space for students to enjoy their lunch.

Alderman Peel High School in Norfolk had a 12m x 4.5m and a 9m x 5m Coniston Wall Mounted Canopy installed with benches underneath:

Alderman Peel High School - Dining Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd

Sixth Form Study & Social Canopies
Canopies installed for the use of sixth form students during free lessons and study periods encourages them to use free their time to study outside in a cool sheltered environment. It avoids limiting them to a hot classroom for studying and enables them to enjoy the fresh air whilst concentrate on their coursework.

Carshalton High School for Girls in Surrey had 3 timber Tarnhow Dome Free Standing Canopies installed for the students to use as study canopies. The School’s Business Manager commented on how the canopies “really enhance the experience of outdoor socialising for students”:

Carshalton High School for Girls - Student Study and Social Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd

Entrance Canopies
Entrance Canopies make the entrance to your building stand out and can improve the outside appearance of your building by modernising it or keeping a traditional look if that’s what is most suited. Entrance canopies are great as they help your visitors find your entrance easily and makes your school feel more welcoming.

Sir Thomas Boughey High School in Staffordshire had a 2.5m x 2.5m Whiteside Entrance Canopy installed at the pupils’ main entrance:

Sir Thomas Boughey High School - Entrance Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd

PSHE Canopies
Canopies installed by the playing field or playground where students take part in PHSE lessons can offer a cool, shaded area for students to take time out of they are feeling exhausted and it also provides a place for students to take shelter if the weather turns and it starts raining.

Helsby High School in Cheshire had two Welford Dome Free Standing Canopies installed on their playground areas:

Helsby High School - PSHE Canopy - Able Canopies Ltd

Download our brochure to browse our full range of canopies that are perfect for Secondary Schools:

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