Shopping Trolley Shelters for Supermarkets and Large Stores

Shopping Trolley Shelters for Supermarkets and Large Stores

While not often thought of as being one of the key components to increasing your company’s revenue: shopping trolley shelters can add to the buying experience and revenue of your supermarket or large store.

Recently the UK has suffered from numerous wet periods and last year was no difference. According to the MET office it was the sixth wettest on record with rainfall 12% higher than average. The summer was particularly rain soaked, especially in the north of England, East of Wales or Scotland, where some areas saw rainfall 35% above average.

This can have an impact on how consumers shop. A rainy day can often mean that shoppers are 10-15% more likely to buy products online rather than visit your store. Also when they get to your store, rain might affect how much they buy.

If you don’t place your shopping trolleys undercover, they might get wet, dirty and generally unpleasant for consumers. This could have a significant impact on their behaviour including the following:

  1. Those with young children might abandon their shop with you and go to a competitor. They’ll want clean, dry seats for their children to sit on so they are comfortable, otherwise the child may cry throughout the trip, which can ruin the shopping experience for the customer and others around. This in itself might lessen the amount that customers might purchase in one trip.
  2. Customers could abandon a large trolley for a small basket, which is a common problem as baskets are often kept inside the store and are therefore dry. While they are still in the shop, a basket discourages the shoppers from making numerous purchases, concentrating on smaller shops and reducing the revenue of your store.
  3. Customers might be unhappy with their products. Some customers might use your trolleys but then be unhappy with the wet products when they get home. This ruins their perception of the store and the care it provides for products.

The Solution

The solution is to keep your shopping trolleys in a shelter when not in use. There are many different designs that can be built for your store that will allow you to retain the brand image of your business, and within the carpark and you can have a cover that is small or large depending on your requirements.

There are several benefits of shopping trolley shelters; including:

  • They keep shopping trolleys dry and sheltered from the rain and other adverse weather conditions.
  • They keep your car park tidy by having a central place to store your shopping trolleys.
  • Shelters encourage shoppers to return trolleys to a specified location rather than just leave them by their car – saving your staff time and work.

If you think that you could be in need of a shopping trolley cover, then contact Able Canopies about the options available or click on this page.

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