Showing The Next Generations The Wonders Of Nature

Showing The Next Generations The Wonders Of Nature

Last year was an amazing year. Children across the UK, and the world, went on strike to promote protecting the planet. But this isn’t always inherent. Research in America, completed by the University of Chicago found that children under 11 tend to prefer urban environments more than they do the outdoors.

This does change as children get older, and was seen in the study as the children got older they preferred natural scenes more. But another study in the UK found that 82% of children (under 16) couldn’t tell what an oak leaf looked like and 83% didn’t know what a bumblebee looked like. In addition, half were unsure what a stinging nettle looked like, despite growing all around the country.

So, how can children be fighting so hard for something that they don’t know much about?

Giving Them The Chance To Explore Nature

The truth is that television has been the push to get children involved and passionate about environmental issues. However, television programmes can’t tell them about the natural world as well as you.

It’s important that schools encourage learning about nature by spending time outside. Even in the cold and rain, time outdoors learning about nature is important and can be done from the safety of a school canopy. Here are some quick suggestions on how you can teach children about nature and get them involved.

  1. Create A Growing Area

The first step is to create a growing area outside. Grow flowers, food and small trees. Do this year round and talk about the different plants. Show them the differences between the different plants and the animals that come and visit them.

  1. Build A Wormery

A wormery can be a great way to introduce your children to the food cycle. The compost can also be used in your growing area. Building a wormery can also be a fantastic physical job that children will love.

  1. Develop A Weather Station

Develop a weather station for school. It can include wind speeds, rainfall and more. Children can learn about nature and also lots of statistics with these outside areas. Plus they can be used in short periods regularly to encourage routines.


Children are passionate about the environment. But that doesn’t mean that they are aware or knowledgable about the environment. Teach them about the world around them, like David Attenborough said: “If children grow up not knowing about nature and appreciating it, they will not understand it, they won’t protect it, and if they don’t protect it, who will?”

How do you teach your children about nature? Let us know in the comments below.


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