The Benefits of Solar Canopies

The Benefits of Solar Canopies

Solar canopies are one of emerging ways that organisations are improving their facilities. There are many benefits of solar canopies that make them very attractive for companies and these can be realised both in the short and long term. So what are these benefits and what impact could they have on your operations?

Solar Carports & Canopies from Able Canopies Ltd.1. Lower Cost of Energy
One of the main reasons why businesses and nonprofits install solar canopies on their premises is because they will instantly reduce the cost of energy. The amount of the energy that a series of solar canopies can produce is not set; it depends on their location, the number of canopies installed and the sun exposure of the day. However, the majority of canopy owners realise that a significant proportion of their energy needs are met with many able to produce all their power needs.

2. An Investment That Pays For Itself
Because solar canopies effectively reduce the cost of running a building by producing energy, the savings can effectively go on to be used to offset their initial cost. After a few years, depending on the amount of energy produced, your solar canopy investment will be adding value to the organisation and the money saved from buying energy can be invested in other areas.

3. It Can Retain the Main Use of the Land
One of the problems that investors have found with solar panels is that when they place them in fields or on roofs they lose the use of that area. Solar canopies allow you to have the benefits of generating your own energy while maintaining the use of your land. For instance, you could have a solar canopy as an outside space for your staff to have a break or out in the car park.

4. It Offers Staff Protection from the Weather
Being soaked by rain on the way inside is not pleasant and keeping a walkway out of the summer heat can sometimes make a walk more pleasant. Both of these can be achieved through the effective installation of solar canopies which are excellent at protecting your staff from the elements.

Solar Carports & Canopies from Able Canopies Ltd.5. It Offers You Positive PR Opportunities
Green energy and the organisations that are embracing this trend are becoming popular with customers and other businesses. Companies which demonstrate their use of green energy within their operations can use this as a marketing tool. It can even be a major aspect of a consumer’s purchasing decision.

6. It Offers Educational Opportunities
For schools and colleges, solar canopies can be an excellent way to teach students about solar energy. This can be really useful with the latest curriculum guidelines set out by the government, but as there being a lack of accessible solar panels to give practical – there are few other opportunities for your students to see solar panels in action.

7. You Can Earn Additional Funds
The government is actively promoting the use of solar energy by offering organisations money that are producing and using solar energy. The government’s Feed In-Tariff (FIT) pays you for all the solar energy that you produce and everything that you export back to your energy provider. This can allow you to pay back the investment quicker or invest the funds into other areas of the organisation.

There are many benefits for solar canopies. Some of these are financial while others are less tangible. Yet all of them can help your organisation differentiate itself from others locally to you and improve the experiences of staff and customers in and around your facilities.

How could you benefit from solar canopies? Let us know in the comments.

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