Staying Safe in the Sun

Staying Safe in the Sun

As the summer months approach, children will be keen to spend more time outside. As a result, children and teachers will be put at risk from the sun and heat. So here are some safety steps to make learning fun and safe outside.

The Risks Outside
There are numerous risks outside that can be dangerous for you and your students. The major risk is UV damage that can damage skin and cause cancer in the long term. Another concern can be heat stroke, this is when the body temperature rises too high.

But one of the biggest risks is that people don’t tend to recognise when it is too hot. When there is wind, this can sometimes make it seem cooler than it is, so this is the biggest risk.

Protection from the Sun

There are several ways that you can protect yourself from the sun and heat during the summer.

1. School Canopy
One of the top options is to have a school canopy that can provide some cover during the hottest part of the days. Even if you don’t use your school canopy all the time, it is highly recommend to stay under the school canopy between the hottest hours of 12noon and 2pm.

2. Hats
Students and teachers should always wear a hat when out in the sun. These can keep heads cool and a cap can provide some protection to your eyes.

3. Sunglasses
The sun’s rays can damage your eyes on really sunny days. Therefore students and teachers should wear sunglasses when outside as much as possible. Simple sunglasses can be bought in bulk and worn on the sunniest days.

4. Water
Water is a great way to stay hydrated and to keep cool. When water is stored in a fridge, it can help to bring down body temperatures as well. Children are often reluctant or forgetful to drink regularly, but breaks scattered throughout outside times should be encouraged.

5. Sun Cream
Sun cream is essential in protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This should be applied by parents before going to school. This should last until at least lunchtime. But after this, the protection of some sun creams can wear off.

The summer months can be very hot and the UV rays can be very harmful. Therefore, precautions should be taken for you and your students to stay safe when outside. Above are five great ways to do that.

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