Tarnhow Length of Installs

Tarnhow Length of Installs

We recently showed you the total length of Coniston Wall Mounted Canopies that we have installed, and now we’re about to enlighten you of the total length of Tarnhow Timber Canopies that we have installed.

We first launched our timber canopies in January 2012 and since then, they have become once of our most popular canopy ranges, particularly within the education, MOD & healthcare sectors. It is clear to see from previous installations that the most popular uses for our timber canopies are to create cover to outdoor classrooms as well outside dining areas.

Over the past 6 years, we have installed a total length of 960 metres of Tarnhow Timber Canopies. That’s 132 metres longer than the world’s tallest building; the Burj Khalifa which currently stands at 828 metres.

The world’s tallest tree is thought to be a Coast Redwood (Sequoia Semperviren) which is 115.72 metres tall. This spectacular tree can be found in the Redwood National Park in California.

Our total length of timber canopies installed so far is over 8 times the total length of the world’s tallest tree!

Since we introduced the Tarnhow range, we have installed 72 timber canopies, that’s 72 schools, healthcare locations, MOD sites that are receiving sun and rain protection from sustainable, natural timber structures.

So far, our Tarnhow range has covered 1140 school days and on average 18,200 children and that doesn’t include the staff, visitors and patients!

Download your free timber guide: Totally Timber – A Guide to Timber Structures to find out more about timber canopies and what to look out for when investing in one.

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