Taking a Closer Look at Tensile Fabric Structures

Taking a Closer Look at Tensile Fabric Structures

Tune Hotel Group, London - Ulverston Umbrella - Able Canopies LtdThe winter is the perfect time to start planning how you can improve your outdoor play or seating area ready for the summer. Early planning is ideal as you can have everything installed and in place by the time the spring or summer arrives, ensuring maximum usage.

Although canopies are perfect for creating cover from all weather conditions, all year round, some styles are more ideal for creating shelter and shade from the sun. These structures include umbrella canopies and other smaller canopies that are covered with waterproof tensile fabric which also makes them ideal for creating a dry sheltered waiting area.

We have many tensile fabric structures in our range, all of which are permanent structures which are covered with our high quality waterproof tensile fabric including:

The Ulverston Umbrella is very popular within many sectors including primary schools, healthcare and leisure. The Ulverston Umbrella is constructed from a strong steel frame and is covered with our high strength tensile fabric. The umbrella top is a square-circular shape to create a contemporary style umbrella.

Great Dunmow Primary School, Essex - Ulverstno Umbrella - Able Canopies

The Keswick Cantilever Umbrella can easily be confused with the Ulverston Umbrella however, it is cantilevered which means there is not a post in the centre of the umbrella. It is also constructed from a strong steel frame and is a popular choice within primary schools and pre-schools.

Grove Park Primary School, London - Keswick Cantilever Umbrella - Able Canopies

The Dallington Square Umbrella is the newsiest addition to our tensile fabric range. The umbrella roof is completely square with a chunky frame and will add a modern feel to any outdoor environment. As with our other umbrella structures, it is also constructed from a strong steel frame and is supported by a post in the middle similar to the Ulverston Umbrella.

Plasnewydd Primary School, South Wales - Dallington Umbrella - Able Canopies

The Codale Conic differs from the above structures as this is not an umbrella style canopy; it is a square canopy with a “big top” style roof. The Codale Conic can cover larger areas up to 6m x 6m and is supported by a strong steel frame, it is perfect for use as a covered outdoor dining area. Multiple Codal Conics can be added together to make an extra large canopy like the one we installed at Underhill Infant School in Herfordshire.

Boscombe Children's Centre, Dorset - Codale Conic - Able Canopies

The Kendal is a cantilevered walkway that is perfect for creating shelter between buildings and alongside buildings. It has a highly contemporary appearance and would fit in perfectly with new builds as well as adding a modern touch to well established buildings.

If you are still unsure of what canopy would suit your plans, whether it be tensile, timber, aluminium, polycarbonate or glass, download our Good Canopy Guide where you will find the benefits of each material explained.

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