The 3 valuable things you didn’t know about solar carports and canopies

The 3 valuable things you didn’t know about solar carports and canopies

the-albedo-effect-solar-canopy-06 smallSolar energy is a well-established technology with proven cost and environmental benefits. We have all seen fields with rows and rows of panels soaking up the sun. So far, so familiar.

What happens though when your site is not conducive to the straight forward application of solar panels in a field or on a roof? How can you still meet your corporate social responsibility requirements, bring benefit to customers and employees and gain financially as well?

There are three benefits of solar panels, that you maybe didn’t know, that will allow you to make the most of your project. These are:

  1. Their flexible use. Solar panels are flexible and lend themselves to practical applications in carports, canopies, walkways and shelters that provide functional use, environmental benefit and financial gain.
  1. Their amazing design. Able Canopies have developed solar carport designs that are truly unique and will present this modern technology in a contemporary design that will add functional and aesthetic value.
  1. Their robust, practical construction. By applying our years of experience and knowledge of canopy installation we know that our solar carports and canopies are safe and secure. They will enable you to deliver useable solutions that allow the value of your spaces and buildings to be maximised.

Why choose solar car ports and canopies?

Solar carports

Solar carports are energy efficient structures that have a triple purpose of providing shade and shelter while also generating free electricity. These canopies will pay for themselves over the years through the energy they generate.

We also think that they should look great and our unique products will make a stand out architectural statement. Giving you solar carports that deliver all the practical benefits of this technology with an added wow factor!

Solar canopies

For schools and other organisations solar canopies can be used to make outside space more useable. They can be used as covered waiting areas, playground canopies, and covered walkways. They are also brilliant for outdoor learning areas, offering the perfect opportunity to teach pupils about how solar energy is generated and how it can help to benefit the environment.

The opportunity is to think creatively about the spaces and potential applications on your site and how they can be used to harness the value that solar energy can deliver. For more information and ideas see here:

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