The Benefits of Aluminium

The Benefits of Aluminium

Aluminium is a popular metal used for the construction of canopies & walkways. It is a lightweight, robust metal that is long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and as a bonus it is recyclable, making it eco-friendly too! What more could you ask for?!
I have listed below what I think are the most important benefits of aluminium…

Lightweight – Aluminium is a lightweight material that weighs less than many other metals such as steel, copper, iron and brass. This makes it easier to handle on site and causes vehicles to emit less emissions when transporting and shipping.

Robust – Aluminium is a strong metal and becomes even stronger when cold making it particularly ideal for outdoor use in the UK.
With its high strength to low weight ratio, aluminium is the ideal metal for manufacturing aircrafts, cars, boats, trains, trucks, aeroplanes & canopies.

Longevity – Aluminium will not rot or rust, it naturally generates a protective oxide coating. Protective coatings are not essential, however aluminium can be powder coated in a colour of your choice for aesthetics.

Aluminium CanReflective – Aluminium has reflective properties and can therefore shield areas from light, radio waves, and infrared radiation.

Fire Resistant – Aluminium does will not burn, it is fully fire resistant, even at extremely high temperatures.

Non-Toxic – Aluminium does not produce toxic fumes.

Recyclable – Aluminium can be recycled over & over again without losing any of its benefits.

Finishes – Aluminium can be finished in a range of popular techniques:
PPC (polyester powder coating) – This allows the metal to be coloured to match your surroundings,
Anodising – This thickens the natural layer of oxide on the metal
Electroplating – This is used to protect the metal further from corrosion, wear, or rust.

Virtually Seamless – Aluminium can be shaped in one-piece sections without having to use mechanical joining methods. This makes the parts stronger and less likely to leak or slacken over time.

Ease of Maintenance – Aluminium is particularly easy to clean due to the strength of the natural oxide coating.

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