The Benefits of Steel

The Benefits of Steel

Steel is a very popular metal that has a large range of benefits including high strength and durability. Not only is steel used to manufacture a whole host of applications across the world, many of our free standing canopies and shelters are manufactured from this sought after material.

Cost effective – Because steel is cost effective, it allows us to manufacture canopies and shelters that fit into most budgets.

Robust – Steel is naturally strong and robust and because manufacturers have to adhere to strict national standards, you will find no regional variance in the quality of steel supplied, resulting in a metal that has a consistent high quality. But not only that, steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material.

Treatments Available – When using steel for outdoor use such as canopies & shelters, you can choose to have your structure treated with various processes. Our steel shelters and canopies are supplied with two options: Hot Dip Galvanisation and Thermal Galvanisation. Both of these processes protect the metal, extending its life span to in excess of 50 years depending on the area installed.

The Easydale - A Steel Buggy Shelter powder Coated in Gentian Blue - RAL 5010

The Easydale – A Steel Buggy Shelter powder Coated in Gentian Blue – RAL 5010

Choice of Colour – Steel can be coloured using a process called polyester powder coating. This process allows the metal to be coloured to any RAL or BS Colour or even bespoke colours to enable your steel structure to match the colours you desire. Powder coating can be applied over galvanisation to allow you to protect the metal whilst also adding colour, or you can choose to have the product simply powder coated.

Naturally Fire Retardant – Steel has an extremely high melting point and will only melt once it hits temperatures of around 1425°c. It will also not contribute to the spread of a fire.

100% Recyclable – Steel is 100% recyclable and is the most recycled material on the planet, more than all other materials combined! It has an infinite life cycle that does not jeopardise its strength or durability.

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