Three Ways School Canopies Will Help With Re-Opening In September

Three Ways School Canopies Will Help With Re-Opening In September

As schools re-open in September there are going to be significant challenges to face. One of those is space. While the Government guidelines state that children within a bubble don’t have to be concerned with social distancing, bubbles should be separated and all adults on sites must maintain a two-metre distance between them and others.

This does present a space issue. However, there are ways that this can be eased through the use of school canopies. Here are three ways that school canopies can help keep bubbles and adults safe when schools re-open in September.

  1. More Space

One area of frustration is going to be classroom space. Some schools might need to find more classroom and learning space. That is where outdoor spaces can be utilised with ease. A school canopy can help protect children from harmful UV rays, rain and other weather within the UK. Therefore, children and staff can be more comfortable.

Sometimes however, the outdoor spacing isn’t going to be a useful location for classrooms, but these areas could be converted into lunch time eating areas or break spaces to keep bubbles apart. Outdoor spaces have been proven to lessen transmissions between people.

  1. Walkways

One clear way to ensure that bubbles are kept apart is to have a one-way system within the school and staggered movement times. However, there is still the possibility that movement will create opportunities for bubbles to interact. This is more possible when there is bad weather and those who are moving don’t want to walk outside and get wet.

By using school canopies, you can cover walkways to make them more sheltered. Therefore, those on site are more likely to use them, even in cold weather.

  1. Improved Health

By using canopies throughout your school, children and staff can be better protected from the elements. This can help stop them from getting cold and wet, and therefore help prevent viruses and infections from taking hold within the body. Therefore, the more covered spaces you have, the harder it is for the spread of a disease.


School canopies can be a good tool to help re-open schools in September. If you’re looking to get a canopy for your school, you can request a virtual survey to see what would be best for your establishment.

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