Tips for Re-enactments for Learning Outside

Tips for Re-enactments for Learning Outside

Re-enactments are a great way for children to learn more about the world. They help children to see the perspective of people living in historical moments and it also helps them unwind. But re-enactments can be challenging to create. So here are some tips for creating inspiring re-enactments for learning outside. 

1. Use Different Areas
The first thing to do is to use as much space as you can. Use the classroom for certain aspects of the re-enactment as well as the school canopy. One area could be the local magistrates or another building of importance, the other could be the forest. 

You can also use areas of the playground as different parts of the world. Become creative but be sure to put signs so children know what area they’re venturing into. 

2. Dress Up
Teachers should dress in appropriate costumes to create an excellent atmosphere for the day. Dressing up doesn’t need to be expensive. And there are often Youtube videos or guides online on how some simple clothes can be turned into period relative costumes. 

At the same time, you should encourage the children to partake in dressing up, but don’t put too much emphasis on the costumes. 

3. Food
Food has evolved and using dishes from the past can help children learn more about their history. Ask your school kitchen or get some volunteers to help the children cook. This can be done outside for many historical periods like the Saxons and Romans, to add some fun and not interrupt other school operations. 

4. Bring in some Re-enactments
There are also lots of groups of people who offer re-enactments that can make a day special. You can contact local history groups or professional companies that can help. There is a cost to this, but it is a great option for a truly memorable day. 

You can also cover costs by running a fundraising day. 

5. Create Memorable Stories
As well as creating the environment of the re-enactment, it is important to have a story for the children to follow. Whether this story is true or something that is made up, it is important to create a part for every student. 

Re-enactments are great to entice children to love history and to play outside. Above are five tips to make re-enactments more enjoyable. Do you have any more tips? Let us know in the comments.

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